Thursday, September 15, 2016

Spelling City

    I have made some changes!  If you look at the symbaloo, you will now see a tile that has a pink S and has the label of Spelling City.  That tile SHOULD take you straight to my teacher page.  I have made a list for the current spelling words, so this should make it easier to do some of the activities to practice the spelling words.  Please send me an email if you find that it's not taking you straight to the page that has a link to our current spelling list.
   Students need to do two activities from the spelling menu each week--and these activities should be recorded into the purple spelling journal.  If your child works on Spelling City, please write a title of Spelling City, the date, and then sign it to show that you witnessed your child practicing their spelling words using the site.  I check homework each Friday, and part of what I check is to make sure they have done at least 2 spelling activities. 

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