Thursday, September 15, 2016

Spelling City

    I have made some changes!  If you look at the symbaloo, you will now see a tile that has a pink S and has the label of Spelling City.  That tile SHOULD take you straight to my teacher page.  I have made a list for the current spelling words, so this should make it easier to do some of the activities to practice the spelling words.  Please send me an email if you find that it's not taking you straight to the page that has a link to our current spelling list.
   Students need to do two activities from the spelling menu each week--and these activities should be recorded into the purple spelling journal.  If your child works on Spelling City, please write a title of Spelling City, the date, and then sign it to show that you witnessed your child practicing their spelling words using the site.  I check homework each Friday, and part of what I check is to make sure they have done at least 2 spelling activities. 

QR codes and Updates

   Thank you for such a great turnout for Curriculum Night this year!  I did have some parents tell me that "the QR code for the blog scares me!".  QR codes aren't meant to be scary.  QR codes are a teacher's best friend, especially for getting to places on the web when the students are not very good typists!  To use the code on a mobile device, you first need to go to your "Store" and download a QR reader app (get a free one, don't spend $$ to get one).  Once you have done that, you open the reader app, then point the camera over the qr code.  Depending on the app, it will take you directly to the website, or it will first ask permission to go to the website.  Very quick for use in the classroom!

Try it out!  Where does this QR code take you?  

       Spelling:  Notice that there is a tab next to "home" that reads "Spelling".  You'll find the current list on this page.  When we change lists, I'll update the page.  Our first spelling test is on September 23rd.  We'll give 5 words on the test from the pattern from their study list, but then we'll give 5 words that ARE NOT on the list, but follow the pattern.  This week the big difference is long vowel sound before or a short vowel sound before the ending.  The rest of the words will come from the high frequency list. 
     In reading we are continuing to work on marking our thinking.  We are spending time talking about what makes a good prediction (prior knowledge and using text evidence--what clues have we gotten in the writing thus far?), and next week we'll be using determining importance.  We'll practice picking out the important information in a paragraph using our Social Studies textbook while reading about the different jobs that happen around the mayor, city council, and the services that are provided by a city.  
     Social Studies is a little challenging right now.  We are learning about three important documents that helped start our country: The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and The Bill of Rights.  I mostly want the students to know what the gist of each document is, how the Constitution helped to establish our three branches of government, and the Bill of Rights are freedoms that we enjoy here in America.  Here is a fun little video for the Bill of Rights done by some students using the Taylor Swift song, "Shake it Off".  
Click here for the video

Next week we have picture day on September 21st, and progress reports go home on Friday the 23rd!