Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

Welcome to the third grade! 

Thank you so much for the wonderful Meet the Teacher time.  It's a little overwhelming to meet so many new people in such a short time, but I enjoyed visiting with everyone that came!  It was good to see some familiar faces, and I look forward to getting to know the new friends better.  The student information form on the iPad seemed to be a great way to gather some of that important information that I need as your child's teacher.  Please let me know if you had any difficulties with completing it.  The teachers are all excited about not having to read some of the handwriting for email addresses! 

This blog is for parents as well as the students.  Every week you will find the agenda (see the tab above that says "agenda"?  This will have all of the homework for the week listed out.  Students will also be copying this into their agenda notebooks, which SHOULD be in their binders!  There is another tab for spelling, where I will update that each time we have a new list. 

If you scroll down to the bottom of this screen (wait, don't do it yet, keep reading!), you will find a bunch of boxes.  This is a symbaloo, which is a website I use to organize internet links.  For example, on the top left side, you'll see links that have to do with reading.  If you find that a link is not working, please send me an email or a note letting me know so that I can fix it.  These are all pretty nice places for my students to use, either for school or for fun.  The box that has an eagle on it will take you to another symbaloo that has links all dedicated to Social Studies items.  You will also find a link to Spelling City (I update that with our spelling words too!), and a link to our Social Studies curriculum.  (I will fill the students in on that info soon.  They will each have their own login for that site). 

Bookmark this blog on your favorite device, and check back for more information!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!

Wow!  What an unforgettable start to the school year!  A new principal, an eclipse, and quite a visit from Hurricane Harvey.  I think we're finally on a roll in the new school year.  Here are some important things to know: 

1.  Homework is written in the agenda ( a spiral book that should be in binders!) on Mondays.  If you noticed that your child did not get the assignments copied, you will find a tab above that says "Agenda".  Click on the tab, and click on the word "agenda" to see the document of the week.

2.  Behavior Charts:  Every student has a behavior chart that should be in the binder in a plastic sleeve.  Please sign this chart weekly!  I didn't make a big deal out of this the last month due to so many families being out-of-sorts, but I will be checking for signatures on a weekly basis. 

3.  Social Studies newspapers:  This is our TEXTBOOK for Social Studies.  Please feel free to read them with your child in the evenings as part of the 20 minutes of reading.  DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY.  :)  We will go through articles and have reading lessons about determining importance, we'll use them when writing in our Social Studies journal, and sometimes the children can use them with completing assignments and tests. 

4.  Symbaloo:  Down at the bottom of the home page you will find a symbaloo!  That is just a fancy way of providing links to websites that we use in our classroom.  They are kind of organized in sections, language arts/ebooks being in the top left side, coding sites on the top right, down at the bottom left you'll find some kid-friendly search engines.  There are also square that will lead to other squares--for example, the links we use in Social Studies is found with the eagle that says "social studies soup".  Click on that, and it takes you to a different symbaloo mix that is dedicated to the different things we look at during Social Studies. 

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


We did a mock election with the third graders!  We talked about the four candidates for president, we looked at a brochure that talked about the candidates that were up for election (from judges, to sheriffs, presidents, congress people--we discovered there were a lot of people running for some type of office this time around!).  For the official unofficial voting, Hillary Clinton won with the student population.  Hopefully none of the students stayed up until 2:00 AM to find out the actual winner of the presidential election--unlike one of our grade-level teachers!  Here is a great video from Kid President to open some lines of communication with your child to talk about some manners to have if you disagree with people.  I am sure we know a handful of adults that could benefit from a viewing of this as well!